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Some slight changes and a clean up
On Oct.14th we had an unofficial meeting where we cleaned up the Members list.
Considering any absence of more than 10 weeks as inactivity we removed all characters who didn't show up that long or even longer. We hope you agree that we made an exception on legendary members (Lynil, Mar990, Rorshak) even though some of them actually logged in recently. They were granted special status because we are proud to have them in our guild list.

We also want to restrict the use of alt chars in the guild. This is actually a bit difficult since we know that many of you have alts in the guild that they actively play on.
This is why we decided to ask once every 3 weeks or so whether a certain alt is really useful to our members. This means we will ask whether you know them for actually being part of the guild or rather as some mule. Characters who join in random guild activities will not be kicked, while characters only for storage or productive support do not really need the membership and thus only inflate the members list.

Further we would like to open the guild even more for new members from overseas so we will have a good mix of members from all timezones. The purpose of this policy is to have players online at all times. It's kinda sad to have members who need to play alone because everybody else is sleeping at their main play hours.

Another point was covered at that meeting but this will be announced in another article.
16 Oct 2012 - 10:31 by Arianamue Meetings | comments (0)


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